Paper graduation hats

They also look great at graduation party decorations they can be made in any size or as party favors. Hope you find this useful!

Follow the photos below for help. Black foam core board — about 12 in square.

You will now have a smaller square. It is also a cute gift for teachers to give out to their children who are "graduating" from preschool! So I reverse engineered it and improved upon it to make it Paper graduation hats a tutorial for you guys! Use the photos below for guidance. The graduation cap can be used on top of a wrapped gift package for the graduate.

Although overlapping the edges by about an inch seamed to be about the right size Staple hat together into appropriate size. Place each of the "flaps" from the top of the graduation cap inside the fold of the headpiece strip, as shown. To make the tassel, make a knot about one inch up from one end of the yarn.

See second photo below. Center on the square of foam core, and glue down. Punch a hole at one corner of the cap for the tassel. Do this for all four flaps.

Your graduation craft is complete!

Continue with the next three corners, folding them in to meet in the middle. See photo — note, photo shows an example using paper, not posterboard. Want a cute graduation mortar board cheap and easy for grad parties or kid fun? You may trim off the excess floss from the inside of the hat if desired.

To make the headpiece, fold the 8.How to make a (paper) graduation cap! Want a cute graduation mortar board cheap and easy for grad parties or kid fun?

How to make a (paper) graduation cap!

Here ya go! The Boy graduated from Pre-K the other day, and they made these cute graduation caps for them. So I reverse engineered it (and improved upon it) to make it into a tutorial for you guys!. Jun 01,  · In this episode we show you how to make a Graduation Cap and English: Simplekidscrafts.

Product Features outs grad hat shapes that coordinate with the graduation party theme. Paper flat cut outs graduation caps in black. Big Dot of Happiness Gold Tassel Worth The Hassle - Graduation Hat Decorations DIY Party Essentials - 20 Count by.

Jennifer Hier @ Early Learning Ideas on Pinterest DIY Scrapbook Paper Mortar Board Graduation Caps/Hats (write sentiments/well-wishes on them for keepsake?

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Decoration Ideas- Make grad hat tops w/ neon tassels Make tissue tassels, attach to 12 X 12 black cardstock, and covered the tassel loop with a punch of paper.

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Paper graduation hats
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