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They avoid stealing because they think it will end with them going to jail, but also because they see it as beneath them to obsess over and covet material… read full theme analysis Get the entire The Destructors LitChart as a printable PDF.

The destruction of Mr. Perhaps in part because the boys of the gang have grown up during a time of shortage, they have little respect for money or things.

Destruction can be a force of creation in that it creates a blank slate upon which new things Destructors theme essay whether parking lots or political movements — can grow.

“The Destructors” written by Graham Greene Essay

The boys work with steady persistence on their enterprise of destruction. World War II has ended less than a decade earlier, and the city and country are slowly emerging from the destruction of the war. Thomas so that he could lead him to the lavatory and trap him there.

It seems likely, then, that T. They work, paradoxically, with the seriousness of creators. Outside of the action taking place on Mr.

A kind of imagination had seen this house as it had now become. Their demolishing of the house is painfully systematic.

It seems likely that the destruction of his home, all his possessions and his life savings may prove to be a disaster that he cannot weather. Far from creating the next chapter in his life, this destruction may very well prove to be the blow that destroys him entirely.

The country is scarred by the deaths of hundreds of thousands of its soldiers and the destruction incurred during the unprecedented German bombing campaign on British cities.

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How often theme appears: Quotes Themes and Colors LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Destructors, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Adolescence, Age, and Rebellion The members of the Wormsley Common Gang are boys ranging in age from nine to fifteen years old.

The tension between working-class Britain and the upper-middle-class society that had absorbed all but the last vestiges of the nobility had surfaced dramatically in the years following the previous world war.

All the boys, but especially T. The interior, although a trove of revered artifacts of civilized European culture, nevertheless represents a tradition that is increasingly meaningless to the lower classes. The mood of the narration becomes distinctly philosophical in its description of the boys: The truck driver, with his reassurance to Mr.

Yet destruction becomes an act of creation only for individuals and societies young and innovative enough to move forward and build something new out of the rubble. Mike is still a child, while T.

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Thomas, but also probes deeper to examine the codes of behavior that drive the way the boys of the gang and Mr. Thomas that his laughter is nothing personal, reflects the position of the underclass: England as a whole, and the Wormsley Common Gang in particular, hopes that the destruction wrought by the war will pave the way for new groups to assert their political rights for the first time.

In its fragile state, it needs support, as does the political and social structure that it represents. The house, however, is considerably weakened, held in place by wooden struts that brace the outside walls. England is not emerging unscathed or unchanged, however. A kind of imagination had seen this house as it had now become.

While he is trapped in the lavatory, Mr. The members of the Wormsley Common Gang—who significantly are twelve in number, like the apostles of the New Testament—are forces of change, agents subconsciously representing quiet, methodical revolution. As the other boys grow up, they will need to think of new ways to understand the cruel act that they committed when still boys.The Destructors - A Literary Analysis Graham Greene's portrayal of human nature, as seen in his 's literary piece "The Destructors," conveys the idea that people have the instinctive ability to distinguish, and make a conscience choice, between what they believe to be good and evil.

Essay on A Comparison of The Destructors and Lord of the Flies Words | 10 Pages A Comparison of The Destructors and Lord of the Flies In Graham Greene's "The Destructors," the author presents the Wormsley Common car-park gang, a group of adolescent delinquents who commit petty crimes for fun.

LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Destructors, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

The Destructors Themes

The idea that destruction is a form of creation is drawn from the section of the story describing the end of the boys’ first day destroying Mr. Thomas ’s house.

Essay on Theme of Creativity in The Destructors - Conditions within various regions often restrict freedoms and creativity of the individual, as a result of human experiences, an individual may commit an act of violence, intended with a different goal, not just that of destruction.

Graham Greene’s “The Destructors” is a short story that takes place in London nine years after the conclusion of World War II. Post-war conflict had struck after that (“the last bomb of the first blitz”) and because of this, situations such as the destruction of Old Misery’s house occurred.

Graham Greene's short story "The Destructors" utilizes the contrast between Old Misery's house and the Wormsley Common gang to depict the theme of Old England versus the new up-and-coming, post-war How do I write an essay about "The Destructors"?

Fortunately, "The Destructors" has ample subject matter for analysis in a well-developed essay.

Destructors theme essay
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