Bachelor thesis mergers and acquisitions

In a role oriented culture there is a tendency to value procedural correctness higher than actual task effectiveness Harrison, Whichever way it is to be done in the future is to be discussed.

This may be due to the fact that entry barriers are historically higher in the banking sector than, for example, in the insurance sector.

Forstmann used a questionnaire with three parts.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) in the Banking Sector

Structure, processes and activities are constantly evaluated as to how well they contribute to the higher goal. According to Epsteinacquisitions are said to be a much simpler process compared to mergers, due to the fact that there is in most cases a clear sense as to which company gives direction namely the buying company.

This type of culture can usually be found in big organizations where highly specialized work is required and labour is highly divided ibid. An enormous wave of mergers and acquisitions in the financial industry could be ob in the last decade of the 20th century. This is due to a strong personal commitment of the leader to the business and its future.

First, definitions of mergers, acquisitions and company culture are given. All data presented in this chapter is from interviews with 45 financial sector participants and industry experts from the 13 reference countries of the G10 study e.

These objectives are generally achieved through economies of scale, transferring knowledge and higher control Cartwright, Cooper; A decision is made.

The emotional outcome of changing an organization and its culture can be either positive or negative. The companies are active in the same industry. If anything stands in the way or is not ideally suited to reach the goal, it is replaced. On the other hand however, the absence of formal authority means that control can become an issue.

However, this has changed. The biggest advantage of this sort of organizational culture is that the company is able to react rapidly in case it needs to, due to the central decision making ibid.

Mergers and Acquisitions 2.

On the other hand, in such a situation the company is ill-suited to process information effectively as it needs to pass through all organizational layers Harrison, Negative reactions or even resistance to the change targeted can be seen two ways: There is no formal authority dictating how the project team has to organize itself.

Measured by total assets of the five largest credit institutions as a percentage of total assets per country, three groups can be observed: The four types power orientation, role orientation, task orientation and person orientation, which will be described in detail here, hardly ever occur as pure forms.

Moreover, low morale and dissatisfaction among workers are often ubiquitous, leading to the company not fulfilling its potential Cartwright, Cooper, The following table gives an oversight over the five phases: The third part, finally, asks for statistical data in anticipation of the need to divide the data in sub — cultures.

Moreover, it must be taken into consideration that a company is usually not made up of one single culture, but is a collective of a variety of subcultures working together Dina, Giffords, Furthermore, when times get hard, such cultures often develop into role cultures Cartwright, Cooper, Master Thesis Finance – A.A.

The Role of Company Culture in Mergers and Acquisitions

Voesenek – The effects of mergers and acquisitions on firm performance 6 are an exception and are one of the few researchers who made an international comparison to expose the different M&A effects in countries all over the world. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) in the Banking Sector - Matthias Schubert - Term Paper - Business economics - Investment and Finance - Publish your bachelor's or.

i Bachelor Thesis in Finance Title: Mergers & Acquisitions – Abnormal returns in the pharmaceutical industry Authors: Erik Stålstedt & Jens Eriksson.

The Effects of Mergers and Acquisitions on Research and Development in Technology Firms Bachelor thesis in International Business Gothenburg University, School of Business, Economics & Law. Bachelor Thesis Mergers and Acquisitions Shareholder wealth effects of mergers and acquisitions in Dutch takeover bidsSupervisor: Philipp Geiler.

The Role of Company Culture in Mergers and Acquisitions - How company culture influences M&A success - Viktoria Undesser - Bachelor Thesis - Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance - Publish your bachelor's or master's thesis, dissertation, term paper or essay.

Bachelor thesis mergers and acquisitions
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